Our People

Justine Sarver, Executive Director

Justine Sarver started fighting for progressive causes long before the start of her professional career. She assumed the role of executive director of the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center in April 2010. READ MORE >>

Tyler Carr, Staff Assistant

Tyler serves as the Staff Assistant at BISC, working alongside the rest of the team in order to ensure the smooth and structured operation of the organization. Read More>>

Marsha Donat, Political and Research Coordinator

Marsha Donat is BISC’s Political and Research Coordinator, focusing on BISC’s Proactive ballot initiative work. Read More>>

Kellie Dupree, Director of Programs and Communications

Kellie Dupree is the Director of Programs and Communications at BISC, working in the DC office and managing the overall day-to-day programs and communications work. Read More>>

Ben Morris, Communications and Political Manager

Ben Morris helps develop and execute communications strategies, as well as monitoring and tracking ballot initiative and referenda activity across the country.  Ben is also the point of contact for media inquiries. READ MORE >>

Alison Schwartz, Managing Director

Alison is the Managing Director at BISC, working in our D.C. office and making sure the trains run on time. READ MORE >>

Cristina Uribe, California State Director

Cristina Uribe, a veteran political strategist and manager, serves as the BISC California State Director. In that role, Cristina works to strengthen progressive ballot-measure collaboration in California. READ MORE >>

Mandy Vlasz, Director of Operations

Mandy serves as BISC’s Director of Operations. Her primary responsibilities are managing the organization’s operations – including finance and fundraising, as well as providing administrative, scheduling and project assistance to the Executive Director and the Deputy Executive Director. READ MORE >>